OG Caliber Wrap

OG Caliber Wrap


Leftie handcrafts each of its signature bracelet in Brooklyn, NY using the highest quality leathers available. Each magnetized clasp is fashioned from reclaimed .22 caliber rifle brass scavenged and salvaged from the Leftie family farm at Blue Wing Landing, Kentucky.

Brass and leather play well together, being known for maturing well. While the brass weathers into an aged patina, the leather breaks in, softening and forming to your wrist. The Caliber Wrap is designed for durability and versatility, to be worn in the boardroom, on the mountain, or at the gym. The more you wear it, the better it fits.

The OG Caliber Wrap uses high quality core leather, specifically chosen to ruggedly carry its age. This leather will darken to a rich color over time, breaking into a formed fit with repeated wear.

Made in the USA.

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