Find your fit.

You deserve better than too big or too small. Get it just right, Goldilocks.


Click to print our handy little one-stop-guide for your perfect fit.


Shopping for a friend?

For those of us that aren't intimately familiar with one another's wrist measurements...

  1. Roll the dice. Most women wear Medium. Most men wear Large.
  2. Gift cards!


No printer, no worries.

You can also use a flat tape measure to find your size.

Simply measure your wrist at the widest point. Hold the tape snug but not tight, and check the Sizing Chart to find your fit.


Wrist Circumference Bracelet Size
< 6" XS
6" - 612" S
612 - 7" M
7" - 712" L
712" - 8" XL
8" - 812" XXL

*for wrists between sizes, we recommend the smaller fit.